Magnus  Ingelman-Sundberg, PhD, BSc, MEd

Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, PhD, BSc, MEd

Professor, Karolinska Institutet

Talk title: "The missing heritability in pharmacogenomics"
Timestamp: 30:33-1:03:30

Hyun  Kim, PharmD

Hyun Kim, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacogenomics Service, Division of Genetics, Department of Pharmacy, Boston Children's Hospital

Talk title: “Clinical PGx at Boston Children’s Hospital: New challenges and opportunities”
Timestamp: 2:06:53-2:40:31

Victor  Ortega, MD, PhD, ATSF

Victor Ortega, MD, PhD, ATSF

Senior Associate Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine, Center forIndividualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Talk title: "Pharmacogenetics of inhaled beta agonist response in asthma"
Timestamp: 1:36:33-2:05:41

Mary  Relling, PharmD

Mary Relling, PharmD

Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Talk title: “Clinical implementation of Pharmacogenomic testing”
Timestamp: 2:41:46-3:16:45

Robert  Schuck, PharmD, PhD

Robert Schuck, PharmD, PhD

Deputy Director, Division of Translational and Precision Medicine at U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Talk title: “Optimizing Benefit/Risk - Pharmacogenomics in Drug Development and Patient Care”
Timestamp: 01:28-29:24

Stuart  Scott, PhD, FACMG

Stuart Scott, PhD, FACMG

Professor, Department of Pathology at Stanford University
Director, Clinical Genomics Laboratory, Stanford Health Care

Talk title: “Clinical Pharmacogenomic Testing: Innovations in Design and Technology”
Timestamp: 1:04:50-1:31:41